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Launch the ball and make it out of the box without hitting the red part. When the ball bounces against walls the required number of times, the red part will open, and the ball will be able to escape. But be careful, if the ball bounces against walls more than the required number of times, you will lose.

Can you complete all 200 unique levels? We recently added speedrun mode, which has it’s own leaderboard!

There is also a classic mode, in which the number of required bounces increases by one, every time you score.

It’s super challenging, can you make it onto our leaderboard? The world record is 15, and more than 3 million people played the game.


Every time you tap the on the screen the penguin turns around so that it doesn’t fall in the ocean but it breaks all the ice behind him. With every tap on the screen, your score gets +1.

Try not to break too much ice and stay on it as long as possible.

Score as much as you can, collect coins, and buy new skins!


How to play?

● Hold your finger on the screen to extend the right side of the lever as well as weights on the right side.
● When you release your finger, the lever with all the weights on it should be in balance.
● The more precisely you balance the lever, the more stars you get. ⭐

There are 100 fun and challenging levels. Can you complete them all?