Privacy Policy

How do we collect data?

Data is collected by our third-party partners such as Google and Apple.
Data collected is used for advertising and analytics purposes.

Data collected from our third-party partners:

Our games contain APIs from other third parties. We do not control how they interact with you. So we recommend that you review the terms of use and privacy policy for any of our third-party partners before interacting with them.
We use third-party services to operate and manage our services(our games).

The information we might collect from them includes:
-Data we receive if you link to a third-party tool with the Service
-Demographic data
-Data from platforms that the games run on
-And data for advertising and analytics purposes

Ad networks & cookies

Advertisements from third party ad networks will be displayed from time to time. The advertisers may use cookies and other web-tracking technologies to collect data, to provide targeted advertisements to you.
In our games we use only one ad network:
Google Admob:

We recommend that you review the terms of use and privacy policy for any of our third-party partner before interacting with them.

Payment info

We do not have access to your credit card details or billing information, because third-party partners such as Apple and Google manages the purchases of virtual goods.


When it comes to data collected for analytics purposes, we use Google analytics. We collect demographic data, in-app experience data, and some other non-personal data. You can check Google Privacy Policy here:

platform game services

Platform game services collect non-personal information for example high scores for leaderboards. They can also collect other information you provide them, but we are not in control of that information.

Contact information

This Policy may change from time to time. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at: