Terms of Service

This Terms of Service manage the relationship between you and NiJo Games, (In this document “NiJo Games”, “Us”, “Our”, or “We”) regarding your use of NiJo Games games, websites and services (collectively, the “Services“).

By using NiJo Games website, downloading a game, or accessing any other NiJo Games Services, you accept these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms of service, do not install, use or or access the Services. NiJo Games is authorized to amend these Terms of Service at any time by posting the amended terms on the NiJo Games website. By continuing to use the Service you agree to the most recent version of Terms of Service.

NiJo Games provides you with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, and restricted license to utilize our software. The software from NiJo Games must only be used for the purposes outlined in the license issued to you. You are solely accountable for any unlawful use of our software.


Certain features require us to create an account for you on the Service. When making an account for you, we store your device ID, your unique username, and we may store some additional data. By using our services, you give us the permission to store that information.

NiJo Games reserves the right to remove or reclaim any usernames at any time and for any reason, without any notice. You should use your Account only for non-commercial purposes. Any type of selling, purchasing, renting of your Account is not permitted. Using your account to advertise is not permitted. When creating an Account you shall not use false identity.

You recognize and consent to the fact that you will not possess any ownership or property rights in the Account you establish on the Service. NiJo Games has the authority to suspend, terminate, alter, or remove your Account at any moment, for any reason or without providing a reason, and may do so with or without prior notice to you.

Age Restriction

By agreeing to these Terms you also represent that you are age 16 or older. If you are a minor over the age of 16, you represent that your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to these Terms.

User Conduct

By agreeing to these terms you agree that you are not going to:

-use the service in any way that does not align with the intent of the service.

-use any cheats, exploits, bots, hacks, or any other software designed to modify the Service.

-access or attempt to access the service in any way other than through user interface provided by NiJo Games.

-post any content or information that contains nudity, excessive violence, or any information that contains a link to such content.

-post any content or information that is considered abusive, threatening, defamatory, or that is racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise objectionable or offensive.

-post anyone’s private information through the Service.

-post any information or content that might be a subject to copyright.

-attempt to access other user’s non-public data.

-attempt to access other user’s account.

-perform or become involved in any kind of attack targeting our Services.

– act in a way that negatively affects the other user’s experience.

– act in a way that may overburden the service.

– act in a way that could create financial damage to us.

-attempt to perform reverse engineering of any NiJo Games game or any other service.

-use the account for commercial purposes, including but not limited to selling, purchasing and renting your Account

-use the account for advertising purposes

-use false identity when setting your username

-post any content that includes personal information or intellectual property of third party, without their consent and permission

NiJo Games holds the authority to change or discontinue any portion of the service, or even the entire service, at its discretion, and may do so with or without prior warning. In the event of such a discontinuation, NiJo Games is not obligated to offer any form of compensation to users for the terminated service.

Content Rights

All software, images, audio-visual effects, sounds, in-game content, accounts, user-generated content, and other assets in any of our games (collectively, the “Content“) is owned by NiJo Games. NiJo Games reserves all rights to use that Content in any way, including but not limited to advertising and promoting, without any compensation .You are not permitted to use any of elements that are owned by NiJo Games.

You agree that you shall have no ownership in the account and content that you created while using the game. You agree and acknowledge that all rights to the account and user generated content are in the ownership of NiJo Games.

User Generated Content

Any content that you upload through our games, including but not limited to levels is going to be referred as “user-generated content” or “user content” in this document. When you upload any user-generated content, you affirm that doing so does not break any laws and that you have obtained consent from anyone whose personal data or intellectual property rights are included in the user-generated content. You consent to NiJo Games handling any personal information contained in such content in line with its Privacy Policy. Furthermore, you ensure that any user-generated content is free of viruses and does not include any other malicious software.

You acknowledge that NiJo Games bears no responsibility or liability for any content produced by game users. All users bear sole responsibility for ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of any Content they upload, share, send, or otherwise disseminate through our games.

NiJo Games does not accept liability for the actions of any user who posts User Generated Content, nor does it take responsibility for actively overseeing the Service for unsuitable material. While all User Content cannot be immediately screened or monitored, engaging with the Service is at your personal discretion. It’s possible to encounter User Content through the Service that you might find objectionable, vulgar, or not aligned with your expectations. You accept all risks linked to accessing any User Generated Content through the Service. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to have our representatives or technology monitor and/or document your interactions with the Service or your communications while using the Service.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you are granting your irreversible consent to such monitoring and documentation. You recognize and concede that you should not expect any form of privacy regarding the transmission of any User Content. NiJo Games retains the authority, at its sole discretion, to inspect, oversee, restrict, edit, eliminate, cut off access to, or otherwise render unavailable any User Content (including your own) at any moment, without prior notification, for any or no reason. Should NiJo Games opt to oversee the Service at any given time, it still does not bear any responsibility for User Content nor does it commit to amending or removing any content deemed inappropriate. Although we possess the authority to modify, decline to publish, or eliminate any User Content at our sole discretion, we are not obligated to do so.

By agreeing to these terms, you provide NiJo Games with a perpetual, non-revocable, assignable, fully compensated, royalty-free, global license (with the capability to sublicense and delegate to third parties) and the authority to duplicate, replicate, amend, adapt, alter, develop derivative works from, produce, commercialize, publish, distribute, sell, license, sub-license, transfer, rent, broadcast, publicly display, perform, make electronically accessible, broadcast, communicate to the public via telecommunication, show, perform publicly, store in computer memory, and utilize and apply your User Content in any manner, along with all its modifications and derivative forms, as part of offering the Service, which includes the marketing and promotion of the Service. Additionally, you grant NiJo Games the permission to allow others to utilize any of the rights NiJo Games has been granted according to these Terms of Service. You also give NiJo Games the unconditional, perpetual right to use and capitalize on your name, image, and any other information or material included in or associated with any User Content, without any obligation or compensation to you.

Use of Software

Choosing to download and utilize any software or services provided by NiJo Games is a decision you make independently and at your own risk. You alone bear the responsibility for any damage to your device, data loss, or any other negative consequences that arise from such activities.

NiJo Games does not provide any warranties, claims, or assurances regarding the content, order, precision, punctuality, or thoroughness of its information, software, or services. Furthermore, NiJo Games offers no guarantee, claim, or assurance that its information, products, or services will operate without interruptions or errors, nor does it promise that any faults will be rectified.

You bear full responsibility for any information you share, post, or distribute via the Service, as well as the information you supply to others. NiJo Games reserves the right to reject, decline to publish, or remove any User Content at its discretion, for any reason or no reason at all, particularly if such content is deemed by NiJo Games, in its exclusive judgment, to breach these Terms of Service.

It is your exclusive responsibility to manage your interactions with other users of the Service and any individuals you engage with via the Service and/or games provided by NiJo Games. While NiJo Games holds the right to intervene in such disputes, it is under no obligation to do so. You agree to provide your full cooperation to NiJo Games in investigating any activities suspected to be illegal, fraudulent, or in violation of policies, including, but not limited to, allowing NiJo Games access to any parts of your Account.


If you share your account or payment information with another person, violate our policies, or fail to secure your account with proper authentication measures, we typically cannot offer a refund.

When a refund is processed, it will adhere to the payment processor’s standard refund policies. Any refunds issued to users will not include taxes that were applied to the initial purchase of products.

Virtual Items

In NiJo Games’ mobile and social gaming environments, players have the option to purchase virtual currencies, such as diamonds (“Virtual Currency”), which can then be used to acquire virtual goods within the game (“Virtual Items”). Please be aware that the process of buying Virtual Currency is not managed by NiJo Games but rather by external e-commerce payment services. By engaging in the purchase of Virtual Currency, players are subject to the terms set forth by these external payment service providers.

Furthermore, players should note that there is no possibility to exchange Virtual Currency or Virtual Items for real-world money, goods, or any other form of monetary value, either with NiJo Games or with any other entities. The act of transferring Virtual Currency or Virtual Items outside of the gaming platform is strictly forbidden, prohibiting any form of sale or exchange of Virtual Currency or Virtual Items for real-world assets.

All transactions involving Virtual Currency and Virtual Items are considered final. Refunds are not issued by either the third-party payment services or NiJo Games, except as specifically outlined in the Terms of Use. Purchases of Virtual Currency or Virtual Items grant the buyer a limited, revocable, and non-transferable license to use these in-game assets, which should not be misconstrued as ownership. Should your account face restrictions, termination, suspension, or deletion for any reason by NiJo Games’ exclusive determination, or if NiJo Games decides to cease operation of its games, any accumulated or purchased Virtual Currency and Virtual Items will be forfeited. NiJo Games reserves the full authority to manage, adjust, modify, or eliminate Virtual Currency and Virtual Items at its discretion without the need to provide compensation for any losses incurred.

You and NiJo Games acknowledge that should any portion of these terms become entirely or partially void or unenforceable under any relevant local laws or court decisions, such portion will be considered as removed from these terms to the degree of its voidness or unenforceability. The remaining provisions of these terms will continue to be valid and enforceable with full effect.

You can contact NiJo Games regarding this Terms of service by emailing “support@nijogames.com”